Amanda Crossfit Allen

Amanda Allen is the epitome of mental and physical strength. She is a rare breed of individual; bringing together decades of high level sporting achievement.

During this time Amanda has overcome suicidal depression, beaten alcoholism, published 4 books, won 3 x Crossfit Games World Championship Tiles (at over 40 years of age), along with numerous triathlon, cycling, canoeing. She ran 1000kms for Suicide and Mental Illness in June of 2016. Amanda's applies holistic health, physical training, motivational, performance and life-coaching in a very practical, passionate and refreshingly honest manner. . 

Within this website you will find valuable Health and Fitness information on Women fitness, box programs, Nutrition, Amanda's Wild Women Wellbeing Retreats in Byron Bay, Recovery, Performance Coaching and many more insights in to the world of one of Australia's Fittest woman.  


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Sporting History


5th, 2013 Australian Crossfit Open
11th, 2013 Worldwide Crossfit Open
4th, 2012 Australian Crossfit Regionals
4th, 2012 Australian Crossfit Open
49th, 2012 Worldwide Crossfit Open
19th, 2011 Crossfit Games (Individual)
3rd, 2011 Australian Crossfit Regionals
1st, 2011 SA C1 200m Canoeing Champs

1st, 2018 CrossFit Games (Masters 45-49)
3rd, 2016 Australian Strongman Championships
3rd, 2015 CrossFit Masters Games (40-44)
13th, 2015 Australian CrossFit Regionals
2014 National Pro Grid League, Philly Founders
1st, 2014 CrossFit Games (Masters 40-44)
4th, 2014 Australian Crossfit Regionals
1st, 2014 Worldwide Crossfit Open (40-44)
5th, 2014 Australian Crossfit Open
1st, 2013 CrossFit Games (Masters 40-44)
5th, 2013 Australian Crossfit Regionals
1st, 2013 Worldwide Crossfit Open (40-44)