Mental Health Matters.

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Suicide and depression are everywhere...they touch everyone in some way. A significant part of the solution is to speak out honestly about this topic, WE ALL SUFFER. We just don't have to suffer alone anymore. Make it safe to speak. Make it safe to be vulnerable, to be human, to feel feelings, to fail, to try, to hope, to suffer, to struggle, to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and try again. Make it safe to be real, honest, sensitive, compassionate... and depressed when we're depressed.

If we can't talk about it, depression festers in the darkness, fuelled by shame, guilt, doubt, fear, remorse, silence, isolation...if we hide it, it gets worse not better. Depression the boogeyman under the bed. We must shine the lights of love and kindness on him, offering him an outstretched hand, seeing in him goodness and vulnerability…

 No one is perfect. Everyone suffers.

There are so many people close to me who suffer or whose family members suffer with mental illness. These are precious, creative, sensitive, confused, beautiful people. They need love, support, caring and space to be who they are; and sometimes they need tough love, family interventions or a caring ear to hear their fears...

There's no one-size-fits-all solution, maybe that's what makes this topic so hard to speak about. I've always described my depression as living in the 'pit of despair', and the thing about getting out of the 'pit of despair' was that it took a long time, it took patience, trial, error, persistence and a whole lot of suffering, sweating, flailing and failing. It was like I had to dig a tunnel, with a spoon, in muddy terrain, over many years, to escape the pit of climbing straight up and out. That strategy never worked. I got out one spoonful of mud and dirt at a time. Painstakingly slowly. It was hard work. It has been worth it, beyond description! 💜

If you're suffering, grab a spoon and start digging...there is hope...keep turning up, keep struggling, you're stronger than you know! And your journey means more than you can imagine to those who love you!

This page of my website is dedicated to hope, to speaking out, to sharing the struggle and offering solutions. I hope you find here, some inspiration to keep turning up. You are worth it.

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'I've either been a professional athlete or suicidal and drinking myself to death': CrossFit champion running 1,200km to raise awareness for mental illness after battling depression and alcoholism for 30 years

  • Amanda Allen, is a two-time CrossFit Games Masters Champion
  • But the admired athlete has also struggled with depression for years
  • Amanda ran 1,200 kilometres to raise awareness in June 2016, 
  • Taking the year off to focus on helping herself and others
  • She hopes to encourage discussion and prove that it is not a weakness

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The Time of My Life Amanda Crossfit Allen E-Book

The Time of My Life is a story of a real life Wonder Woman on a courageous physical and deeply spiritual journey toward self-acceptance, worldly achievement and deep inner healing.

Over 230 pages of Amanda's gritty and insightful honesty takes a rocky road from suicidal depression, nasty health issues and alcoholism, to green vegetable juice, the Hugging Saint and dual Crossfit World Championship titles.

Grab a copy of her book "The Time Of My Life" and find more on how Amanda tackled her journey here

Below are some powerful videos that may help you deal with depression in your life...

Why we need to talk about depression with Kevin Breel

Depression, the secret we share with Andrew Solomon

Anyone across Australia experiencing a personal crisis or thinking about suicide can contact Lifeline on 13 11 14

It's a 24 hr Telephone Crisis Support. 

13 11 14 is a confidential telephone crisis support service available 24/7 from a landline, payphone or mobile.